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Who We Are

217 Vets is an organization whose focus is to re-instill veteran camaraderie in pursuit of suicide awareness & prevention. We plan & organize camaraderie outings & events for veterans to be around each other, as well as build relationships and a sense of purpose. Every Wednesday we host veteran-only hangouts in our brand new lounge space dedicated for veterans to relax & decompress with other veterans. Additionally, we host regular events outside of our lounge space, to engage with veterans in a way that is fun and inviting. With a board consisting of veterans & a great group of volunteers, we can help guide you to be able to access the resources you need to improve your military transition to civilian life.

Our Board Members

Dedication. Passion. Veterans.

Each of the individuals below has not only made a dedication to our great country through their military service, but also to being dedicated board members to ensure our organization continues to provide what our mission and vision states: support for veterans, as well as awareness and prevention of veteran suicide.

We Got Your Six!

USA Flag

"The true soldier fights not because they hate what is in front

of them, but because they love what is behind them."

-G.K. Chesterton

Our Mission

Our Mission

To re-instill camaraderie through veteran events in pursuit of suicide awareness and prevention, as well as to create long-lasting relationships of support.


Our Vision

Transitioning to civilian life from military life can sometimes be a difficult adjustment. Our vision is to ensure that the transition is smooth for each and every veteran, and to provide support to those that want or need a "unit" to stay apart of after their contract ends. We provide veteran events sponsored by donations to conduct fun and meaningful group interactions for our veterans who attend. 

Help us help those who need us.

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